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2021.6.0.0 6/11/2021

Last Updated: 2021-06-09 13:55

Version 2021.6.0.0 is a scheduled release to ConstructConnect Takeoff that includes some changes and various bug fixes.

Features (What's New)

  • n/a

Changes (What's Different)

  • Added a "lock" for the Plan Organizer while it's undergoing edits. Subsequent users can still open it in read-only status. 


  • TD-20569. In a bid with 200 takeoff items, showing Image Legend or printing pages with Image Legend was slower than expected. 
  • TD-20600. Opening the Plan Organizer for a project with no plans was automatically opening with the Plan Set Editor in focus.
  • TD-20880. Matching a revision page and then changing the order of plan sets in a bid crashed the application. 
  • TD-20888. In bids with multiple plan sets, changes made to the Plan Organizer (adding/removing plans, renaming sheets, etc.) weren't saved if changes were followed by reordering of the plan sets.
  • TD-20667. Clicking Print icon when Image Legend was on didn't open Print Preview full screen and the Print and Cancel buttons weren't visible until the window was resized.

Known Issues

  • Clicking the Print icon when Image Legend is on doesn't open Print Preview full screen and Print and Cancel buttons aren't visible until window is resized. Optional Workarounds: (1) Press Alt + Space and then click "Maximize" in the dialog that opens to reset the Print Preview. (2) In Print Preview, select your print options on the left and press Enter (on your keyboard) to print the page. FIXED

  • If a Sheet no longer belongs to the Current Set in a bid because the Revision Page was deleted and the Original Page was deactivated, the takeoff and annotations done on the Revision Page do not get removed from the bid as expected and the totals on the Worksheet and Summary Tabs are incorrect. Workaround: Activate/deactivate Original Set. *UPDATE: Corrected for pages with takeoff. Work continues on pages with annotations as well. 

  • Bids originating from the ConstructConnect Platform cannot be imported into Quick Bid when the Bid Date, Bid Time, Start Date, and End Date are missing from the Bid Cover Sheet. Workaround: Enter Bid Date/Time, Start/End Date on the Bid Cover Sheet in ConstructConnect TakeoffRemember to press Tab or Enter after adding dates/times to activate Save button for Bid Cover Sheet.

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