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Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff

Term Description
Demising Wall A wall that runs from the floor to the upper deck - used to separate tenants or isolate rooms.
Detail As related to construction drawings, a Detail is a graphical representation of a building component, location, or elevation.
Discipline We use the word Disciplines as they relate to Plan Organization. Disciplines describe the different groups of plans such as Architectural, Site, Mechanical, etc. that you may be provided for a construction project.
Documents Every document, plan, spec sheet, published for a project for the purpose of creating an estimate.
Drawing (noun) Plan, Image, Drawing, Sheet - the visual representation of an architectural drawing on-screen for the purpose of viewing or measuring.
Drawing (verb) The action of drawing takeoff (measurements) or annotations (markups) on projects plans for the purposes of estimating or bidding.
Estimate create an estimate or approximation of the cost to build something. n.the results produced by applying costs to various building components, plus markups. (also known as "bids")
Estimating Creating a proposal or quotation of the estimated expenses for a building job, typically using takeoff (or a Quantity Survey) and applying labor and material costs, along with markups.
EULA End User License Agreement - the contract between you and us explaining how you may use the software license you purchased.
General Contractor The individual or company having overarching responsibility for a construction project. Abbreviated "GC".
Image Plan, Image, Drawing, Sheet - the visual representation of an architectural drawing on-screen for the purpose of viewing or measuring. Typically reserved by ConstructConnect when referring to the PDF or TIF file itself.
Layer Everything in the Image or Takeoff window is stored on a layer. Layers are analogous to transparency sheets and allow a user to show/hide various objects to make the screen look less cluttered. For example, all your takeoff objects for Walls could be on a Layer and then your Floors could be on a different layer - you could show/hide whatever you need to see at the current time.
Multi-Condition Takeoff A patented method of grabbing multiple Conditions and then drawing once on the plan and the program finishes the takeoff for all selected Conditions automatically.
Named View A region on a plan you define to make it easier to view when performing takeoff. For instance, many people create Named Views for each plan Detail, this way, they can open those by clicking a "Hot Link" for quick reference.
Overlay A utility that allows a user performing takeoff to compare revisions. Overlay indicates objects that are New (blue) and Objects that were deleted (red) so the user can identify and takeoff changes quickly.


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