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ConstructConnect Takeoff System Requirements

Last Updated: 2021-06-03 09:30

Minimum System Requirements and Recommendations for installing and running ConstructConnect Takeoff.

Operating System

See information on our support for Apple OSX below.


Windows® 10 Pro x64 (with all Microsoft updates installed)


Windows® 10 Home (build 1809 or newer)

Windows® 8.1

ConstructConnect Takeoff cannot be installed in Terminal Services (RDS) or Citrix (or similar) environments. It can be installed in local virtualization products such as VMWare Desktop and Parallels.

Windows 7, Server 2008, and Server 2008R2 are not supported because Microsoft's Extended Maintenance for those products ended.

CPU (Processor)


Intel Core i7, or equivalent/better


Intel Core i5, or equivalent/better

ARM Processors are not supported. Microsoft's Surface Pro X uses an ARM process so you cannot install CCTO on that device.

Memory (RAM)


8 GB RAM or more (requires 64-Bit Operating System)


4 GB RAM (Windows 32-Bit operating systems can only address 3GB of RAM. If you are using 32-Bit Windows 3GB of RAM is acceptable for installing ConstructConnect Takeoff, although you will notice performance degradation.)

Hard Disk Space


500GB SSD or SSHD Hard Disk Drive (or larger) - get the largest hard drive you can - Windows, other apps, and ConstructConnect Takeoff use a lot of space.

The program caches information (takeoff, plans, user settings, etc.) on your hard drive. Depending on the number of projects and bids you access, the number of plans in those projects and bids, the amount of takeoff, etc., the volume of hard disk space used and required will be substantial. A local cache of 20GB or more is not uncommon. 


Minimum: 2GB Hard drive space (plus more for plans, projects) - a single project may require several GBs of disk space, depending on the number and size of the project Plans.

Display Resolution


1920 x 1080 (HD) (See Using Multiple Monitors to Increase Efficiency)


Minimum display resolution: 1280 x 1024

Other Requirements

  • Broadband (always on, high-speed) internet connection (many WiFi connections are not fast enough). We cannot provide a specific "speed" that will work because we do not know what else is using your internet connection, what sort of security software is employed, or how many users are using your connection. As a rule, for a single user, on a dedicated connection, nothing else running...3 MBps up/down should be sufficient - obviously, that is not close to being fast enough for an office of 5, 10, or 20 users or even a single user with multiple cloud-based products running (or streaming video/audio). 
  • Windows Updates: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or higher
  • To use ConstructConnect Live Link Add-in for Excel, you must be using a supported version of Excel:
    • You must use a locally-installed edition of Microsoft Excel (only Excel is supported). Web Apps do not work with Excel Live Link.
    • You must be using Excel 2010 or newer (your version of Excel must be under mainstream support with Microsoft).
Minimum system requirements support very basic functionality only. Your actual system requirements will vary, depending on your system configuration, network speed, other applications installed and running on your computer, and the complexity and size of the electronic plans you use. Please follow the Recommended system requirements for optimum performance, whenever possible.

Apple Users

Devices running MAC OSX

There are two environments in which you may install the product if you are using a MAC:

  • Bootcamp - this is a separate partition from MAC OSX on which a stand-alone installation of Windows is running. This allows the user to run Windows or MAC OSX but not both at the same time.
  • Parallels (or any other locally-installed virtualization product such as VMWare Desktop). This allows a MAC OSX user to run a virtualized installation of Windows within the MAC OSX environment. This is not a stand-alone installation of Windows, it is sort of running Windows within a window, so to speak.
Regardless of the solution you choose, you must own a license for whatever supported version of Windows you install. 

Devices running iOS (Mobile devices)

ConstructConnect Takeoff cannot be used on mobile devices running iOS or Android - it is a Windows Desktop application (if your tablet or netbook runs Windows 10 Home or Pro, you're in business).

ConstructConnect offers a product specifically designed for your mobile device, please search for "ConstructConnect" in your app store to find the companion app. Apps are available for iPhones and Android devices.


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