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Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff


Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff

Last Updated: 2022-09-01 12:18

Congratulations on choosing ConstructConnect Takeoff. Let's get started!

First, please review the System Requirements to make sure your computer supports ConstructConnect Takeoff and take a look at the Release Notes so you can see what's changed if you've used the product before.

Of course, you'll need to download and install ConstructConnect Takeoff, see the Product Information Page for more information.

Next, you'll need a Platform account, that's where your relationship with ConstructConnect starts, really. Your company administrator may have already registered your for the platform, in which case you should have one or two e-mails from ConstructConnect with instructions on proceeding. See Registering for the ConstructConnect Takeoff Platform (including Password Reset) for help getting signed in.

Now it's time to get to know ConstructConnect Takeoff. Let's look at some resources that are "absolute musts" for you to review:

Next up, Getting Familiar with Takeoff, including:

Helpful Links

You can access the User Guide, FAQs, and links to the Training Videos and "How Do I...?" form, along with other resources to help you get up and running quickly from within ConstructConnect Takeoff by clicking your name in the upper-right corner of the screen and selecting from one of the available options (see Related Articles for more information). Here are handy links to the most-often used resources:

 link to the product user guide
The User Guide
 link to product training video library
Training Videos
 link to product FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions
 Link to product release notes
Release Notes
 Link to contact us page
Contact Us

Below, you'll find a few videos and links to key articles to help you get up-and-running quickly. The links open in a new tab or window so this article stays open, some of the videos are embedded in this article play within the article, just click the play button start embedded video button.

Learning Goal

This "Getting Started" article is not intended to be all-encompassing training nor should you consider the User Guide and Training Videos as a replacement for true product training. Rather, our goal for this article is give you a very brief introduction to ConstructConnect Takeoff if you have never used it.

If you want to get the most out of your software investment, it pays to invest a little time in training yourself and your team so you don't waste time trying to figure out everything on your own. Visit today to learn about our training offerings and schedule your own training today!

You can view our introduction videos using the links below:

Bare Necessity Videos

Title (Título) Description (Descripción) Link (Elance)
(Información general)
Discover the essentials within ConstructConnect Takeoff.
(Descubre lo esencial dentro de ConstructConnect Takeoff. Aprenda como encaja el CCTO en toda la plataforma ConstructConnect, así como donde realizar el despegue, ver los resultados y aplicar el costo unitario.)
Starting a Project
(Iniciar un proyecto)
Learn how to send a project to Takeoff from ConstructConnect Project Intelligence.
(Obtenga información sobre como enviar un proyecto al CCTO desde ConstructConnect Project Intelligence, cómo encontrar el proyecto en el CCTO y como preparar el proyecto para realizar el despegue.)
Performing Basic Takeoff
(Realizando despegue básico)
Explore the methods of performing takeoff using linear, area, and count takeoff items.
(Averigüe como revisar los resultados de sus cantidades y como aplicar los costos unitarios a esas cantidades.)
(Visualización de resultados)
Find out how to review your quantity results and how to apply unit costs to those quantities.
(Explore los métodos para realizar el despegue utilizando artículos de despegue lineales, de área y de recuento.)

Getting Familiar with Takeoff

Below, we explain a little more detail about the application so you understand how various screens work.

Remember, this Getting Started article only scratches the surface of ConstructConnect Takeoff and is not intended to be a replacement for formal product training. Please contact your Account Manager to schedule formal training at your earliest convenience.

The Project and Bids List and the Takeoff Tab

The two screens where you'll likely spend the most time while using ConstructConnect Takeoff are the Projects and Bids List and the Takeoff Tab.

Projects and Bids (Main Application Screen)

The Projects and Bids List is the main screen of the program and what you see when you launch ConstructConnect Takeoff. It lists all of the Projects in your Organization, to which you have at least "Read Only" access, and all the Bids inside those Projects. It also provides you access to the Masters and your Settings menu.

Takeoff Tab

Next up, the Takeoff Tab - arguably the most important part of the application, it's where you view plans, define what you want to measure, draw measurements, and mark up your plans.

What Are Takeoff Items?

Takeoff Items (previously called "Conditions) is our term for things you want to measure on your building plans. Some folks call them "assemblies", others "takeoff objects", some call them "items" - whatever the term, they are just different things on your plans you want to measure or account for. Examples of Takeoff Items might be a specific wall type or flooring you need to measure or the number of fixtures you are going to install. Depending on what your are measuring/accounting for, you'll use a different "Type" of Takeoff Item: linear, area, count, or attachment (we cover all of these below and in the linked articles).

Creating Different Types of Takeoff Items

These videos walk you through creating the four Types of Takeoff Items:

What is Takeoff? How do I Draw Takeoff?

Now we've come to the nitty-gritty of ConstructConnect Takeoff: using the program to measure or takeoff your plans to quantify how much of each building object there is.

In the videos below, we show you how to draw Linear and Area takeoff. Count and Attachment takeoff follows similar principles, see Related Articles for details.

There are numerous timesavers built into ConstructConnect Takeoff - we recommend attending some of our online webinars so you get the most out of your software investment. If you want to review the information on your own, check out our Training Videos inventory at the bottom of this article.

Before you draw one piece of takeoff, you must set or calculate and then verify Page Scale. Watch the video

Linear Takeoff

Linear takeoff describes using a Takeoff Item to measure things that are typically measured or priced by a lineal measurement (foot, m, inch, etc.). This doesn't mean the program cannot calculate area or volume (or even counts) off these measurements, of course, it's just that when you're looking a plan from "bird's eye view", you'd be measuring it as with a line.

Examples: walls, plumbing or electrical runs, molding, landscape edging, etc.

Watch the Linear Takeoff video

Area Takeoff

Area takeoff describes using a Takeoff Item to measure things that are typically measured or priced by the "square" (SF, m2, etc.). This doesn't mean the program cannot calculate volume or perimeter off these measurements, of course, it's just that when you're looking a plan from "bird's eye view", you'd be measuring it as a square.

Examples: Floors, Ceilings, Concrete slab foundations, roofs, asphalt paving, etc.

Watch the Area Takeoff video

Counts and Attachment Takeoff

Count and Attachment takeoff describes using a Takeoff Item to measure things that are typically measured or priced by the "each" - the difference is that Attachments "connect" or "attach" to a parent object (such as a lightbox and an ACT Ceiling). This doesn't mean the program cannot calculate other Results. There are a wide variety of Results available including perimeter, volume, total height, etc.

Examples: ACT Ceiling lights or vents, windows and doors, columns, etc.

Watch the Count Takeoff video

Watch the Attachments Takeoff video

Multi-Condition Takeoff 

Multi-Condition Takeoff is a patented function that allows you to measure several Takeoff Item's, all at once. Obviously, this is a huge time saver!

Watch Multi-Condition Takeoff in action


When you're done drawing takeoff, you can print out all your hard work.

Watch the Printing video

Training Videos

Additional Training Videos can be found here (the video links within the pages below open in a new tab - be sure "Popups" are allowed in your browser):


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