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Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff


01.03.01 The Settings and Help Menu

Last Updated: 2022-05-09 08:01

In the application, if you click on your name in the upper-right corner, you see the Settings and Help Menu.

CCTO Settings & Help Menu

Option  What it does... 
You & Your Company Opens a window where you can see all the users in your organization and their roles, so you can identify the Organization Administrators if you need their assistance. See You & Your Company for more information.
User Administration If you are an Organization Administration, you see this option for User Administration. This is a link to the Self-Service portal where you can manage users and license allocation. See User Management in the platform's Help for more information.
To change a user's Role in your organization, please contact customer care, see Contacting Support to Help with the Product or Platform.
Settings  Opens the user preferences/options screen, see Settings.
Masters & Templates  Records and lists of items available for reuse by all members of your Organization, see Masters
Help Opens this User Guide in your default Internet browser. You must have an Internet connection to use Help, but you need one to run the program anyway. 
Getting Started  Opens the "Getting Started" page  (Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff )
Training Videos Allows you to browse and watch Training Videos for your product. Feature videos are embedded in relevant articles, training videos typically open a new page. (Training Videos)
Request Support If you run into something you do not understand or have difficulties installing, launching, or running the application, click Request Support to contact our Support Group. Our professional technical support representatives are standing by to assist you. See Help and Support for more information.
Request Feature If you have a suggestion about a feature or change you think would benefit users of ConstructConnect software, click Help > Request Feature and fill out the online form. We take every request into consideration although we are unable to respond personally to every request we receive. Please include contact information in case a Product Manager or Technical Support Representative would like to discuss your feedback. (Believe it or not, more than half of the Feature Requests we received are already in the software, the user just did not know about it.)
How Do I...? If you have a question for our Training department such as an estimating question or how to use a particular feature such as Typical Area, Multi-User Takeoff, or the Summary/Worksheet Tabs, click Help > How Do I...? to send your question to one of our industry professional trainers.
About ConstructConnect Takeoff Displays product and copyright information.
Logout  Logs you out of the application - if you are using a shared computer, it is important that you logout to ensure your session is terminated properly. If you forget and log into another machine, you'll be logged out of this one automatically.

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