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03.08.04 Collaborating on a Project Outside Your Organization

Last Updated: 2022-04-25 07:02

When you accept an invitation to collaborate on a project, the project gets added to your Projects and Bids List.

CCTO Projects and Bids List - collaborator view

You can tell this is a project on which you are collaborating (and that is not in your Organization) because the Organization is different than your own Organization.

On the Projects and Bids List, you also see the Access Level you were granted by whoever invited you to collaborate. 

If you have questions about your Access Level or what the person who invited you wants you to do, you can contact him or her. The names of all Project Owners are shown on the Project Cover Cover Sheet, along with the name of the Organization to which this project belongs.

CCTO Project Cover Sheet - collaborator view

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