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00 ConstructConnect Takeoff Release Notes History

Last Updated: 2022-09-01 12:18

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Version Release Date Notes / Highlights
2022.5.00 5/5/2022 Program now checks for pending uploads and restarts them when launched.
2022.3.01 3/16/2022 HotFix to address an issue with Live Link introduced in 2022.03.00 release. 
2022.3.00 3/10/2022 Bug fixes and stability improvements.
2022.2.00 02/17/2022 Improvements that improve stability and fix additional bugs, detailed in Release Notes. 
2021.10.0  11/16/2021  No longer auto-sizing/rotating Revision sets, numerous bug fixes related to stability and multi-user crashes. 
2021.8.0 08/24/2021  Added stability measures to fortify the application.
2021.7.0  07/20/2021  Added tracking to improve analysis of various stability measures implemented in the application. 
2021.6.0  06/11/2021 Added "lock" to Plan Organizer while it's undergoing edits. Bug fixes. 
2021.5.0  05/14/2021  Added Image Legend access from Takeoff Tab. Enhanced user options for Image Legend. Added Edit button to Plan Organizer.
2021.4.0.1  04/12/2021  Hot fix to resolve issue that cause app to crash when opening and detaching more than one takeoff window.
2021.4.0 04/09/2021  Reduced header size to optimize space on canvas and bug fixes.  
2021.3.0 03/19/2021 Active users displayed in Bid and Plan Organizer. Can add custom Bid Status and Project Type in Cover Sheets. Added Print to PDF functionality. Added footer controls to undocked takeoff windows. Bug fixes. 01/15/2021 Optimized canvas space on Takeoff Tab, enhanced printing preferences, fixed numerous bugs
 2.06.07 12/16/2020 Refined permissions for editing Masters & Templates, added dialog to confirm duplication of projects & bids, clicking on Getting Started from profile menu directs user to Getting Started tab, not external site.
11/12/2020 Getting Started tab displayed first when new content is added, ability to download a trial from within the CC platform, various bug fixes
10/15/2020 Performance improvements and numerous bug fixes.
 2.06.03 09/17/2020 Maintenance release and various bug fixes.
 2.06.02 08/21/2020 This is a Hot Fix to fix an installer issue.
 2.06.00 08/20/2020 Added Help Icons and Improved Print Quality.
 2.05.00 07/23/2020  Inviting external users to collaborate. Updated method for assigning internal users access to projects.
 2.04.03 05/21/2020  Change to Sample Projects search and numerous bug fixes. 
 2.04.02 04/16/2020  Planned upgrade to introduce accessing Cover Sheet and Plan Organizer from Takeoff Tab; new Getting Started tab on main screen; new Sample Projects Tab and inventory of sample projects, Compact view of Projects & Bids List. 
 2.04.01  02/20/2020  Hot Fix to address an issue that caused the Plan Organizer to crash on some users' machines due to a missing Windows component. 
 2.04.00 02/13/2020  Save to PDF replaced with ability to print to any installed PDF printer; disabled concurrent logins to improve security; bug fixes 
 2.03.00 12/05/2019  Fixed a customer-reported bug preventing users from clearing a filter on the Projects and Bids list.
 2.02.03 11/07/2019  Improvements to Live Link, update terminology (replaced "Condition" with "Takeoff Item"; "Type" with "Group"; and "Style" with "Type") 
 2.02.00 10/17/2019  ConstructConnect Live Link Add-in for Excel. 
 2.01.00 08/17/2019  Improvements to deactivating a Plan Set, update Project and Bids List to handle a large number of projects, refreshed the look of the Worksheet Tab, and added links to "Getting Started" information to make on-boarding easier. 
 2.00.14 08/01/2019  Maintenance release and fixed bug related to Page order. 
 2.00.12 06/06/2019  Redesigned Condition Properties and Condition Templates dialog boxes. Memory improvements and other Bug fixes. 
 2.00.10 05/09/2019  Performance improvements and bug fixes. 
 2.00.09 04/18/2019  Hot fix to fix bugs reported by end users and ConstructConnect Sales team. 
 2.00.07 04/04/2019 Improvements to installation and integrating with web app. Minor UI changes. Numerous performance improvements and fixes.
 2.00.06 03/07/2019  Updated Download page, analytics, and Bug fixes.
 2.00.05  02/07/2019  User Interface (how the program looks) updates and bug fixes. 
 2.00.04 01/17/2019 Improve stability in multi-user environments; numerous bug fixes. 
 2.00.03    12/20/2018 Fixed 47 Bugs found in initial and subsequent releases  
 2.00.02  n/a not released to production 
 2.00.01  12/06/2018   Created "Click-Once" installer for distributing software and numerous bug fixes. 
 2.00.00  11/20/2018  Initial Release of ConstructConnect Takeoff  


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