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Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff


12.00 What are Revisions (or Addenda Sets or Issues)?

Last Updated: 2022-06-14 08:35

Revisions are different versions of the same Plan and exist in different Issues or Plan Sets. The first set you add to a Project defaults to "Original Set" (although this name can be changed).

Typically, subsequent (Revision) Sets are named for the Revision Number or the Date of Issue - whatever makes sense to you and helps you organize your plans.


  • For example, a typical project may begin with "50% complete" drawings.
  • After a few days or weeks, you get an updated "75% Complete" set of drawings that includes updates to some plans.
  • Later, you may get an "Approved for Construction" final set of drawings, again, with updates to many of the plans.

Note - Projects Retrieved from ConstructConnect Project Intelligence or Bid Center
If you are accessing a project from ConstructConnect Project Intelligence or Bid Center, your Revisions and Updates are matched up for you, automatically. When an updated set is uploaded, your project is updated, and you can access the Revisions in the Plan Organizer. When you make changes to the Plan Organizer in a project you pushed from  Project Intelligence or Bid Center, those changes will be overwritten - you can always duplicate the project in CCTO to isolate it from changes. If you find a Plan with the incorrect name or any other issues with the plans, contact the project's owner through Project Intelligence or Bid Center. Pages in a Revision Set are re-orientated and resized to match the Page in the Original Set.

Because update/replacement sets often include the same Plans and are just updates or changes to the originals, it is best to track them as "Revisions". Remember, if you are accessing a Project Intelligence or Bid Center project, all revisions are matched for you automatically - you only need to add revisions and match them when you are using a project that you created in ConstructConnect Takeoff. If you are using a Project Intelligence/Bid Center project, you can turn revision sets on and off, but other than that, you probably will not need adjust Plan Sets very often, although it is a good idea that you review the next few articles anyway, so you are familiar with how Revisions work.

Learning Goal
At the end of this chapter, we expect that you will understand:

  • What revisions are
  • How to add revisions
  • How to match revisions
  • Navigating revisions on the Takeoff Tab
  • Comparing revisions using Overlay
  • Resizing and adjusting Overlays (so revisions match previous versions of a Plan)
  • Comparing different trade's plans to identify "collisions"

First up, we are going to cover Adding a Revision Set.

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