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Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff

Term Description
Change Order A change to a project after the contract has been agreed upon.
Condition Replaced with the term "Takeoff Item". A building component, such as a specific type of wall, floor, window, door, etc. that is measured and then costs applied for a Proposal or Estimate. Each Condition represents a unique building object, so if you were measuring 8' and 10' walls, you would need two Conditions.
Context Menu The small menu that displays when you right-click (or for left-handed users, alternate-click) on an object or screen. It is called a Context Menu because its options are contextual, they are relevant to whatever object on which the right-click occurred. They are often called the "Right-click menu", but that sort of alienates left-handed users.
Continuous adverb. to draw connected linear objects by clicking once at each junction, and then double-clicking to end the takeoff object. n. with Mode, the tool that allows drawing connected linear objects easily.
Cover Sheet Every bid, includes a Cover Sheet that provides overarching information related to a project, such as site location, estimator, the project name, etc.
CSI Construction Specification Institute
Current Bid The bid that is identified at the one that all estimators should be working that typically includes the most recent set of plans and scope.
Current Set Takeoff term indicate the set of plans created by using the most current version of each plan/drawing available. Often, the Current Set will include plans from multiple Plan Sets as not every Plan Set includes a version or revision of each plan.


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