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Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff

Term Description
Schedule 1.) The anticipated plan for performing and completing work on a construction project. 2.) A drawing in a set of plans that details various building objects such as doors, walls, windows, etc.
Self-Performing Typically, a term used when the General Contractor performs the work on a construction project.
Sheet See Page
Site The job site - where a building or construction project is taking place.
Snap angle An option that makes it easier to draw takeoff at set angles. Can be disabled by holding down the <Shift> key (one-time), or changing the option (always).
Spec Specification Exact details about a construction project, typically aligned with CSI Master Format, or the prevailing cost format.
Style A Style is a term that identifies the overall type of Condition. There are four styles of conditions - Linear, Area, Count, and Attachment.
Sub Subcontractor. An entity hired by the general contractor to complete some specialized portion of work (such as drywalling, concrete forming, etc.), that the general contractor does not self-perform. Typically aligned with Master Format.


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