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Getting Started with ConstructConnect Takeoff

Term Description
Owner The entity that owns the construction project (owns the property and building).
Page A Page is the container that includes the plan (image), all takeoff and annotation, and any file attachments or Punch Items or Named Views associated with that image.
Plan Plan, Image, Drawing, Sheet - the visual representation of an architectural drawing on-screen for the purpose of viewing or measuring.
Plan Organizer A utility that allows a Takeoff user to organize different revisions to a project's construction drawings. The Plan Organizer loads each revision individually, and then the user can match-up plans that are revisions of earlier plans so he or she can compare those revisions within the program using Overlay.
Plan Set An entire set of drawings for a building project. Many projects include several Plan Sets, referred to as Issues or Revisions. Each change to scope typically includes a new Plan Set. Sometimes, Plan Sets are issued for milestones such as "Schematic Set", or "50% Design Set", so an estimator and owner can get started on a project, before the final Plans are completed.
Pre-qualification An initial investigation into the appropriateness of a resource or the initial review of a project to see if it is of interest and warrants more detailed review, possibly bidding.
Project A Job that you are estimating that contains one or more bids. All bids within the project share common plans. A project is sort of a Container that holds Bids. Changes made to the Project affect all bids with the project.
Proposal A written estimate of costs from a bidder to the owner or general contractor, in an aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly form. also known as "quotation"
Punch List An outstanding list of work that needs to be completed before a construction project is considered "done" and the proverbial keys are turned over to the general contractor or owner.
Quotation see Proposal
Revision A version or issue of a drawing. Many times, there are several revisions or versions of a drawing that include incremental changes.
RFI Request for Information. A formal request from a bidding entity for clarification on construction documents.
RFP Request for Proposal. A formal request from an owner or general contractor for an estimate on building costs for a project.
Schedule 1.) The anticipated plan for performing and completing work on a construction project. 2.) A drawing in a set of plans that details various building objects such as doors, walls, windows, etc.
Self-Performing Typically, a term used when the General Contractor performs the work on a construction project.


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